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Punch's Ultimate Deck and Landscape: Good for Brainstorming and Designing Your Deck and Garden

Ultimate Deck and Landscape, by Punch software, is one way that regular people are using technology to help them design their deck, patio and even a little landscaping. For those who want to design a simple deck or put to life their vision of how they want their entire outdoors to look, computers are here to help.

With savvy software like this, you don't have to toll around in your backyard, spending weeks on end experimenting with supplies and only ending up with a patio you hardly had originally dreamed about.

Ultimate Deck and Landscape allows you to safely play around with all your options until you find something you really love. Essentially, you use the program to plan out your landscaping ideas so that when you are finally ready to go out and build, you will know what tools you will need, what you will need to do with them, and even be able to slap a time frame on your task!

In the past, you had to either act on your active imagination alone, perhaps drawing imprecise diagrams on paper. But today, you can rely on sophisticated computer technology to prepare for these seemingly intimidating household projects.

Punch boasts that the Ultimate Deck and Landscape program includes a variety of cool design tools, and even features drag-and-drop patio furniture and plants to help you visualize your future back or front yard. The interface is easy to use and of course is in an appealing 3D. There are neat bonuses, too, like plant aging technology (so you can see how your plants will look as times goes on) and even a price estimator for some landscaping plans.

And better yet, once you've plotted out your ideal outdoor landscape and furniture, you can use Ultimate Deck and Landscape to view it from any angle and even walk through the great-looking 3D design. And for well under $50, this software can save you a lot of money down the road, because if you know what you want, you're not going to waste time buying too many or too little supplies. Not to mention, you will feel free to be creative and adventuresome with your design instead of feeling restricted.

Ultimate Deck and Landscape software has helped many users get a good idea of the look they want for their deck and landscape. It's very easy to use and it comes with these additional features:

  • 3D home exterior design

  • Ultimate Deck Design Software

  • 3D Landscape Design

  • Deck and Landscape Estimator

Ultimate Deck and Landscape is a good bang for your buck – it's an inexpensive, easy way to experiment with landscaping ideas and decide upon how you want your patio, etc, to look.

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