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Use Wrought Iron Arbors to Give Your Garden an Elegant Look

Wrought iron arbors are romantic and dramatic additions to your outdoor living space. Whether you want to invoke the past with a stately and timeless archway or a dramatic entrance to a garden or path, wrought iron arbors capture the essence of beautiful garden design.

Arbors are also useful at defining space. Select an archway to mark an entrance to a courtyard, a front yard, or path. Highlight the main entrance to your home or create a visual division of space using an arbor.

When selecting an arbor, there are countless styles and uses to consider. Wrought iron arbors are durable and stately structures capable of holding the weight of climbing roses, vines, and other flowers. Or, make a striking statement by leaving your iron arbor completely unadorned without greenery.

If you choose to trail vines and blossoms on the arbors, simply select a vining plant and train its stalks to grow up the arbor. Sometimes you may need to secure the plant to the arbor, depending on the type of plant you choose. Jute rope or twine works well, as do twist ties and other simple materials, as long as they are inconspicuous and blend in.

Classic wrought iron arbor with a gate.Arbors can be extravagant and grand or simple and stately. Wrought iron lends itself to dramatic and classic design through ornamentation, moldings, and patterns.

 Wrought iron can invoke the glitz and freedom of the art deco period or the impeccable simplicity of modern design. The secret is in selecting the pattern that adorns your arbors. You can fine unique patterns that are capable of creating theme, mood, and anchoring your entire gardenscape as a focal point.

You can also choose from a number of patinas and finishes. Finish colors range from black and gray to ivory and white. Lighter finishes, such as a powder white or ivory, work well to use in weddings or other outdoor celebrations as well as in a country garden design. Darker colors like gray and black fit in well with almost any design theme and provide a classic statement of sophistication.

Arbors can also come in several shapes. A smooth, rounded arch is the quintessential classic shape. However, wrought iron arbors can also be rectangular or squared in shape to create a unique and attention-getting effect. Arbors can also arch in a tear shape or be adorned with finials. You can also select from a variety of widths, depending on how you are going to use the arbor and how dramatic of a statement you plan to make.

So, whether you want to add a dramatic focal point, highlight an entrance, define a space, or simply provide a place for beautiful roses to blossom and climb, a wrought iron arbor fits well into any outdoor home design.

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