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Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

(ARA) - Every year, as spring arrives, homeowners busy themselves with an array of home improvement projects. Beautiful trees, gardens and landscaping are once again a source of enjoyment and home beautification. But according to the lighting experts of Nite Time Decor, a little outdoor lighting can increase the value of the investments these homeowners make in their landscaping.

"Decorative outdoor lighting is an easy and cost effective way to make a dramatic improvement to your home's landscape," says Curtis Hogan, president of Nite Time Decor. "Not only can you enjoy the landscaping after dark, but the lighting itself creates an elegant, unique atmosphere."

We used decorative outdoor lighting to add curb appeal to this house.Outdoor lighting not only adds warmth and beauty, but also valuable curb appeal. According to the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, landscaping can increase the value of a home by 15 percent, and can allow homeowners to recoup 100 to 200 percent of their investment.

"Landscaping is one of the first things people notice, so there's no reason to let some of the most beautiful features of your home and yard be shrouded in darkness half of the time," says Hogan. "In fact, this first impression is so important that some realtors estimate that 95 percent of house shoppers will not even consider a house that lacks curb appeal."

Nite Time Decor professionals are outdoor lighting experts with the experience and know-how to use various lighting techniques to create a beautiful night environment. Hogan is offering these tips to homeowners, helping them improve upon their normal landscaping activities:

Uplight to create depth. A light on the ground, pointed up towards an object is perfect for showcasing a beautiful tree, sculpture or an architectural feature like a gazebo or arbor. Setting an uplight behind an object emphasizes that object's silhouette, while setting an uplight in front will cast an interesting shadow on the yard behind it. This not only highlights the object, but also creates a layered look, extending the yard.

"We all look forward to spending time outdoors during the spring," says Hogan. "Think about the extended enjoyment you will get by lighting the landscape."

Downlight for safety, security and aesthetics. Another technique is downlighting, or moonlighting, where lights are mounted high above eye level. When light comes from above, the effect looks natural. Mounting lights high in trees or on walls will cause light to shine down through tree branches, creating a unique, layered look. Illuminate a flowerbed by mounting a downlight closer to the ground on a tree trunk, fence or wall.

"Downlighting is also an effective way to illuminate spots where someone might stumble or dark areas that may look inviting to an intruder," says Hogan. "And the elegance of the soft light will add a look all its own."

Add a third layer of lighting with path lights. Small, low voltage lamps create a third layer of lighting in your yard, and also can be used to effectively line a path to help you and your guests safely navigate through your yard at night. Placing lights under railings, benches and stairs can help eliminate accidents and increase the usability of decks, porches and patios.

"Landscape lighting is less expensive than painting or remodeling, but can deliver powerful and dramatic results at a fraction of the cost," says Hogan. "The right outdoor lighting bathes your home and yard in a warm glow and enhances your home's charm and adds curb appeal all year long. What better way to increase the value of your home?"

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