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Review of Patio Heater Using Propane Fuel

Honestly, I would have never thought much about outdoor heating, that is until I attended my last patio party hosted by a dear friend of mine.

I am the type of fellow, along with my wife, that can withstand any weather condition, as long as I am dressed properly. And, never in a million years has this “macho” attitude” changed as much as when I attended my last patio party.

My wife and I are quite outgoing. This past weekend we were invited to a good friend’s home for a patio party. I layered my clothes to be sure I was comfortable with the outside weather conditions (which is quite cold around here) and as soon as the party began I realized I was over dressed.

I immediately look around the party. The weather had not changed outside yet I was still feeling a bit over heated. And, when I began to strip the first layering of clothing, I truly felt like I was a party. Little did I know at the time, that my dear friend and host had set up an outdoor patio heater propane.

Likely I have your interest by now? For all those that do entertain outside, let me give you an overview of the the outdoor patio heater.

Patio Heater Propane

Outdoor patio heaters are designed to heat up non-insulated areas. They usually operate on a 20 pound propane tank and can work day and night continuously. They have built-in thermostat which helps regulate the temperature.

Patio heaters come in various sizes and the one I found at my friends party was just the perfect size. It was the standard design, but I couldn’t help admiring it. The base was quite large and had a metal outer covering. The propane cylinder fit snugly into this without looking out of place. Then there was a mushroom shaped heater element on the top partially covered by a large dome. The dome apparently does the circulation job and reflects heat all around the area.

Even without a fan, it heated up the entire area quite conveniently and there was no need for people to huddle around it to feel the warmth. The heater is real small and cute and looked perfect when it was placed right next to the patio table. But I am sure it will look just as superb in any other place like picnic area and barbeque parties.

Convenience of Outdoor Patio Heaters

There is no doubt that these heaters are very convenient and are very simple to operate. There is no electricity required for the heating source and they are very mobile if they have wheels on the bottom. You can still move them around without wheels but I really like this option.

You can also get smaller propane heaters that you can put on your table top. It uses a much smaller propane tank. You can also take these camping or even to your kids sporting events if it is cold and wet.

Propane Fuel Efficiency

Believe it or not, patio heaters using propane are cheaper to run than electric heaters. Simply summed up…the heating element that is propane powered heater is cheaper than electricity.

You can also move the propane heater around on your deck and patio without having to worry about an electric cord.

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