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Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

(ARA) - Eighty-three percent of American homeowners say that they work in their yards and gardens on a regular basis (weather permitting, of course). Millions more list gardening as their favorite extracurricular hobby (it is ranked in the top three of all outdoor leisure activities). Yet people are often hesitant to buy their loved ones gardening gifts during the winter because they think the gifts won't be used for another six months. Or they have difficulty finding gardening products.

Keep in mind, however, that true gardening enthusiasts are thinking about gardening year-round. During the winter, they are already thinking of what they want to accomplish in the garden the following spring. A new garden kit or tool set will give them something to look forward to once the warm weather hits. And while your loved one will likely be thankful for any gift you give them, they will be sure to notice and appreciate the extra thought you put into getting them a gift you know they will truly use and love. And if you're having difficulty finding garden products on retailer shelves in winter, keep in mind that the Internet allows for out-of-season shopping 24 hours a day.

Picture of gardening gifts for Christmas and other occasions.For those loved ones who treasure the simple joys of tending their gardens, who get satisfaction from staying at home and caring for the exterior of their home, and who thrive on the fresh air and physical activity of yard work, here are three great gift ideas from GardenWay.

Garden enthusiasts will appreciate a beautiful gardening gift set that includes many of the tools and supplies they need to be more productive and comfortable while spending time with their favorite hobby. The new Hand Tool Essentials kit, available for only $29.99, includes three sturdy hand tools -- a trowel, gardening fork and transplanter. Each features a solid wood handle and stainless steel implement for years of use. They're packaged in a convenient wooden box, so just stick a bow on it and you've got the perfect gift.

The Strain-Free Tool Set, also packaged in an attractive wooden box, truly says you care. Four garden tools (including a garden edger, fork, trowel and transplanter) feature innovative T-handles and longer shafts to make gardening more comfortable. The longer T-handles not only provide greater leverage to break through even the toughest soil without straining, but they also keep the wrist in a more comfortable, neutral position when digging. Available for $39.99.

For the ultimate presentation, there's the Gardener's Delight Gift Basket. All six hand tools (a trowel, transplanter, weeder, plough, pruner and cultivator) have soft ergonomic handles and stainless steel implements. There's also a mesh tote with side pockets for convenient carrying of tools and clippings. Everything is beautifully packaged in a reusable corn stem basket and all for only $49.99.

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Some other gift ideas your gardening loved one is sure to enjoy include:

  • Subscription to a gardening magazine

  • Gardening book or a book about plants

  • Gardening gloves (gardeners can always use an extra pair)

  • Garden clogs

  • Potted plants

  • Garden chair

  • Promise to lend a helping hand when garden season rolls around

Remember too, not to leave the kids out of the gardening fun. Gardening is becoming more and more popular among children and is just as enjoyable for them as it is for adults. Check out The Budding Gardeners line of children's gardening tools. These sturdy tools are made small enough for kids to do real gardening yet are just as sturdy as adult-sized tools.

Visit for more information on these products as well as gardening games, content and toys for the children.

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