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Tiki Bar Décor: What’s Going To Work For Your Party?

A wonderful place to relax after a long day at work is at a Tiki bar, a place where you are instantly transported to a tropical location of sorts where sun, sand, and sea converge without leaving the comforts of your own home.

Tiki bars can recreate that relaxing island atmosphere just about anywhere. Reminiscent of the Polynesian pop culture of the 1950s through the 1970s, the Tiki mystique is once again experiencing a revival. Those interested in the culture should consider investing on their own Tiki bar decor.

A traditional Tiki bar is patterned after the huts found on the islands. Though they come in different shapes and sizes, they usually have wood or bamboo frames with thatched grass roofing. Originating from tropical climates, Tikis are guaranteed to withstand heavy rains and wind. The thatched roofing also provides shade cooler than that of ordinary canvas. Tiki bars are often used on decks, patios and they are also very popular besides pools.

Add to your Tiki bar decor with this thatched tiki hut by your pool.The bar’s success can be determined by the decors chosen to adorn it. A Tiki bar that is well decorated can indeed encapsulate the magic of the tropics. The décor can range from tiny to gargantuan, simple to outrageous, and quaint to downright freaky. The presence of Tiki masks, Tiki totems, and other such items give the Tiki bar a distinct exotic atmosphere. The various Tiki décor one can choose from are almost endless and includes anything you want. In fact, it’s limited to your imagination. Anything that it can add to the party mood is acceptable.

You must-have a funky Tiki sign or two. It’s the best way to declare your presence and is not limited to the bar entrance, but should be placed everywhere from the restrooms to the kitchen. You may use any material from driftwood to canoe paddles. Also another must-have is the Moai which are the famous massive statues found only on Easter Island. These are giant head carvings that supposedly hold the mystic powers of village chiefs. It may be difficult to squeeze in a 50-foot Moai in your Tiki bar but not to worry; they actually come in various sizes.

You should also have special Tiki mugs to serve drinks in. They can be made similar to totem poles or dancing hula girls in grass skirts. And of course, what is a Tiki bar without those bamboo Tiki torches.

Proper decorations can really make your Tiki bar look authentic and a place everyone wants to gather at your next luau or party. And though Tiki decorations are a must, there’s no rule in putting in a personal touch or two.

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