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Porch Railing Designs: Which Ones Are Right For You?

A house will never be complete without a porch since this is where you take a breather from stressful activities. For most homes in the country, the porch is where family members have a lighthearted talk or where they simply take a seat and relax. For example, take a look at the references to porches throughout our culture.

In the movie, “A Walk to Remember,” with Mandy Moore and Shane West, there were dozens of scenes where the young co-stars simply chatted on the porch. Porch planning books are some of the best selling home improvement texts on the market today. Moreover, realtors and contractors are reporting a renewed interest in porches everywhere.

Picture of a metal and wood porch railingUsually, the porch is located in the front of the house, which means that you have to make sure that its design is attractive and beautiful. People from your neighborhood may pass by a lot in front of your house, and they may see how your porch looks.

When you receive guests in your home, some of them may stay on the porch to breathe in the fresh air outside. Since this exterior part of your home is considered a popular hangout, you should make sure that it is cozy, beautifully decorated and stylish. And what is more, you have to see to it that the design of your porch railings is creative and unique.

If you are opting to redesign the appearance of your porch, you also have to take into consideration its railings. It would be best if your porch railings match the design of your home. The following are well known porch railings designs:

  • Glass porch railings – the most elegant style among the other railings designs. If you opt for porch railings which are made from glass, you will provide your home and your porch with that glamorous appearance. However, when you choose this style, you have to make sure that it is suitable to your home's architectural design. It would not be nice to look at if your porch railings are made from glass and your house isn’t quite the style that might be able to match those beautiful railings.

  • Natural wooden porch railings – this is probably the most classic and most well known design for porch railings. When you take opt for wooden balustrades or railings, you have a wide array of choices to pick from. From various shapes to colorful designs, wooden railings will surely provide your home with that homey look.

  • Metal porch railings – most homes which have metal railings are those which have a modern design. From the interiors of the home to the exterior parts, metal designs are incorporated. If your house has a modern architectural design, metal porch railings are suitable for it. This type is glossy and sleek, making your home appear sophisticated and neat.

There is one other tip which might make your porch railings even more attractive – flowers. From flower pots to flower boxes, you can put these on top of the railings. Aside from flowers, you can also add ornamental potted plants. You can just imagine ornamental hanging plants, with the leaves falling down to the middle of the railings.

There are a lot of wonderful ideas which you can incorporate to make the design of your porch railings even more appealing.

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