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What to Consider When Building Large Storage Sheds

Do you have lawn equipment, outdoor toys, tools, and other equipment cluttering up your lawn? Do you have all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, boats, or even cars vying for space on your drive? If you do you might need a shed for all of your stuff. Outdoor activities are a great way to spend your time – but can pose a problem if you don’t have a place to keep you equipment when not in use.

Keeping these things clean and organized can be a tough task. The secret to organization is having the right storage. Outdoor equipment can be tough to store – particularly if you don’t have a garage or you have limited space. But fortunately, there is a solution to your outdoor organizational needs. Large storage sheds is invaluable for providing protection and organization for virtually anything.

When building a shed, keep in mind a few tips to make your project go smoothly:

First tip: Consider what types of things you’ll need to store. Sheds are great for keeping lawn and garden equipment – from hoes and rakes to mowers and tillers. Take inventory of what you plan to keep in your shed. Large storage sheds are excellent options if you’ve got a lot to store or need to store large objects. Plans are available for sheds large enough to house one or more all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and even cars. A large storage shed is a great option if you have neighborhood association restrictions that won’t let you park anything on the street or in your driveway.

Second tip: Consider where you’ll be building your shed. The foundation is important, so make sure you can provide a level place to build your shed. A good shed plan will tell you how to select an appropriate shed site.

Third Tip: Consider the materials. Sheds can be constructed from pre-fabricated manufactured materials – usually in metal or vinyl sheets that are cut to the required dimensions – or made from wood. Cedar is a popular choice because it is a durable and attractive material. Consider the type of roof you would like and the overall exterior shed design. Shed exteriors can range from the simple and functional to very stylish. You can even find shed plans with attached porches.

Fourth Tip: Water and weather protection are also factors to consider. Select a plan that is weatherproof or climate controlled. Some sheds have the additional benefit of including climate controlled heating or cooling systems (or can accommodate a system you install on your own).

Fifth tip: Other important aspects of a good large shed plan are its organizational features. Lining the shed walls with cabinetry or tool storage racks are great ways to safely control tool and lawn care clutter.

If you keep these key tips in mind, you should be able to select a shed plan that meets all your needs.

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