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Building Garden Arbors To Add Enhance Your Garden and Yard

Garden arbors are stylish and functional additions to any outdoor design. Highlight an entryway, showcase a garden, or feature a stone bench or seating area. Wherever you put an arbor, you will be sure to provide a centerpiece and dramatic focal point for your garden.

And what’s wonderful about arbors are that you can build your own. A variety of kits or plans are available for purchase on the Internet. It is a good idea to assess your carpentry know-how and skills before you make your purchase.

Are you a building expert or novice? Using plans will be more difficult than a kit but if you like if you enjoy building from scratch this might be perfect. Also take stock of whether or not you have the tools and materials readily available or if you need to purchase these items prior to building your arbor. There is nothing wrong with buying tools for a certain project. I think this is one of the best ways to buy tools...there is no guilt because you need to the tool to do a good job.

build this garden arbor with a seat in your back yardA plan or kit will indicate whether or not you will need additional materials other than what’s included in the kit, as well as provide an estimate of how long it may take. Many kits come with pre-cut pieces and include may include some of the tools and hardware you require. Just make sure you double-check on the plan’s instructions.

Also, before starting to build your arbor, verify that your town or neighborhood association does not restrict building outdoor projects. A permit may be required. Probably not for building garden arbors but it can't hurt to check.

In choosing a plan, consider how you will use your arbor. Are you going to train vines or bushes to trail over the arbor? If so, choose a style that can hold and encourage plant growth. Also keep in mind where you plan to place your arbor. Arbors can be freestanding or situated over a walkway to guide visitors into your garden. Arbors can also be placed to mark an entryway or divide one section of your yard or garden from another.

Similarly to considering use and location of your arbor, choose a material and style that enhances your existing design. Garden arbors can be found in a variety of materials. Woods of all kinds are sturdy, durable, and versatile. Copper, iron, and other metals provide a dramatic and strong effect.

The arbor plan you choose will also indicate suggested materials you may need to purchase. If you choose a kit, the kit may come with materials ready to assemble, thereby taking out the guesswork. For example, if you have a cottage garden theme in your yard, choose an arbor style that coordinates with your theme.

Curling, dramatic iron or rounded wood styles lend themselves well to a cottage or Victorian theme. For a more contemporary look, select a plan or arbor kit that has clean, simple designs for a modern, sophisticated feel. Asian styles or straight, angular designs work well for the modern garden and are popular choices.

Kits and plans are great ways to ensure that your arbor will achieve the desired effects. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to pick the perfect arbor kit. It is also a good idea to take a walk around the neighborhood or a nice garden to get an idea of the different styles available.

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