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Vinyl Arbors are a Fantastic Garden Accessory

When you are making your decision to purchase your next arbor, you may want to consider what new technologies have to offer. Vinyl arbors have given the gardening world another option that has a great deal of advantages over older materials such as wood and metal. So what is a vinyl arbor and how will it help you?

Vinyl arbors are made from virgin vinyl and can be formulated with titanium oxide. This chemical composition gives the vinyl arbor an impact resistant quality.

With traditional materials, such as wood and metals, you face the continual weathering of your arbor. You can combat this with continual treatment and repeated sealing. Vinyl, on the other hand, is a material that doesn’t color or yellow with age. It will likely not fade in the sun because most vinyl arbors are UV protected.

Great picture of a vinyl arbor with fall leavesWith wood arbors, you always are facing the danger of cracking and splitting due to temperature and moisture changes. Vinyl stands up to the elements and can withstand years of natural punishment without effect.

Strength is another consideration. Wood tends to snap, while metal can brittle with age. Vinyl has a strong and flexible nature that allows it to endure many physical stresses without snapping or cracking. If you are concerned about natural elements such as wind, many vinyl arbors have been successfully tested in 140 mph winds and have come out unscathed.

If you have children, you may worry they will get splinters or metal slivers when they are playing around arbors made from these older materials. An arbor made with vinyl has none of these characteristics, you can rest assured that your children will be safe from splinters and slivers. With wood sealants there are usually harmful chemical emissions as the arbor ages. Vinyl, which doesn't require seals, doesn’t emit these toxic chemicals.

The vinyl arbor is manufactured for easy assembly and most often doesn’t even require tools to put them together. Their construction is also backed by warranties that you would never see on an arbor manufactured from wood.

By choosing an arbor made of vinyl, you avoid such common maintenance problems as corrosion, peeling, chipping, wood rot, insect damage and plant damage. Cleaning a vinyl arbor is a breeze because it only requires some soap and water.

If you ever need to dispose of your arbor, you’ll be happy to note that this unit is 100 percent recyclable and won’t end up sitting in a landfill. With wood arbors, there are usually dangerous chemicals used in staining and sealing that make them difficult to dispose of and also make them a danger to the environment when they break down.

All in all, a vinyl arbor is a solid choice for your garden, family and environment.

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