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Using the Garden Obelisk Trellis as a focal point for your backyard

A garden obelisk trellis is a very interesting device. It is a device that is placed within a garden and has a shape like an obelisk.

If you have ever seen the Washington Monument, then you know what an obelisk looks like.

In addition to that however, there is a trellis attached to the general shape - a frame that provides stability but at the same time provides a degree of functionality considering the obelisk’s initial purpose of being something that is aesthetically pleasing and eye catching at the exact same time.

One of the reasons that people tend to become very enamored of these obelisk trellis objects is the simple reason that they can be used as a focal point. Think of the design of cities or the architecture of buildings; there is a long tradition in human history for using long, rigid objects in order to provide a focal point for a larger design.

Large Country Cottage 7-ft. Iron Obelisk TrellisYou see it in the construction of fountains, the construction of roads and even the construction of larger areas within a particular city. Obelisks tend to be eye-catching because of their elongated structure and that can allow you to use the obelisk as a focal point for the rest of your backyard.

The way to utilize a focal point is as follows:

  • Create the focal point in the place you want people to look at most
  • Then around that focal point design your backyard placements outward.
  • Use concentric circles of plants radiating outwards from the focal point or simply color contrast between the plants with colors you find most pleasing

The point is that you are still going to be using the focal point as a starting point from which to design the rest of your backyard.

Copper Clad 4-ft. Cedar Wood Pyramid Obelisk TrellisTherein lays the true strength of the focal point within a backyard. A backyard without a focal point is simply something that is constructed haphazardly and when something is constructed in that manner, it is very difficult to bring the most important element of design, the element of unity, to bear.

However, if you were to use a garden obelisk trellis as a starting point for your design, then it is easy to design the rest of your backyard around the obelisk and therefore almost by definition create a unified design that your guests will compliment you on time and time again.

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