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Wrought Iron Stair Rails are Here to Stay

Wrought iron stair rails have really stood the test of time. They have been around for generations and they are still going strong.

And they are strong so that makes a lot sense. The wrought iron stair rails add a touch of traditional style to just about any home. They also serve a practical service as well.

Many people need quite a bit of support when going up and down steps. Many rails used today provide support but they can also be very bulky and overwhelming to a small space. Wrought iron stair rails provide excellent support without taking up too much room and without being too big.

Even with all of the benefit of buying these rails when a friend was looking at them I was still apprehensive them. First of all they cost a little more than their wooden rails. But they require a lot less maintenance and they are more streamlined.

Wrought iron has a very elegant and classic look. Wood rails have a classic and warm look. So it depends on the look you are looking for and also the surrounding material. If you have a wood deck you might want to have wooden rails.

Vinyl railings were simply not an option for our project. These railing just didn’t offer enough options in style and design. They also require more maintenance than the iron stair rails. There was no doubt that the durability, selection and maintenance-free nature of the iron railings made them a superior choice.

My friend had to decide between iron and wood. What made me apprehensive about getting wrought iron stair rails was the décor of his porch and outdoor landscape. He was leaning towards wood because he has architectural details in wood on the outside of his house.

The attractive wooden features are painted white and they are the perfect detail for the cottage-style house. He wanted to keep consistent with the wooden accents on the butter yellow home. Wrought iron rails didn’t seem as if they would fit with the yellow and white colors on the house and we definitely didn’t want to cover up the beautiful iron with paint.

In the end they chose wrought iron for their stair rails. The black details worked perfectly with the white and yellow house. In fact the stain glass in the door and windows stands out much better with the black wrought iron stair rails pulling the black details in the glass together.

This entire experience taught us a couple of things. Sometimes you need more than imagination to see how things will turn out in the end. I have also learned that the old classic of wrought iron is here to stay.

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